Why Sweet as Sugar is Passionate About Pups

Sugar and Rosie

Many people wonder how we, the owners of Sweet as Sugar, decided upon the name of our store. It's simple really, we named it after our family Cocker Spaniel, Sugar. She truly is the most cuddly four-legged companion anyone could ask for. Which made Sugar all the more perfect as a companion dog for the youngest member of the Sweet as Sugar, Nicholas. 

Nicholas has Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Children with autism spectrum disorder have deficits in social skills, and interaction with dogs has been associated with improved social skills for children with ASD. Therefore, Sugar helped increase Nick's quality of life, and brought infinite joy to our family. When it came time to make such an important investment as a family, we couldn't help but name it after our most beloved family member, and her wonderful temperament. Sugar fully embodied what we wanted our store to reflect: warmth, friendliness and happiness! 

Family Life With a Dog

Let Your  Kids Cook for Your Pooch!

Cooking as a family is always fun, but helping your little ones do it for your family's best friend is even better! Click here for five fun recipes that are also nutritious for your pup!

How All Kids Benefit From Having a Dog

As we mentioned, having a dog is great for children with autism spectrum disorder. Click here to learn how having a canine friend can be beneficial to all children! 

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

While we love dogs of all shapes and sizes, there are some that are a better fit for families with small children. Click here for a list of the top ten dog breeds for families!

Doggone Good Style

At Sweet as Sugar we love showing our love for our dogs as much as possible. These baby items are great for starting your little one's love for pups early! 

Max the Puppy Chambray Romper

Max the Puppy Footed Pajama

Max the Plush Puppy